Corona Diary

The Corona Diary – hopefully a short term photographic project

Denmark is on a coronavirus lockdown. And so are large parts of the rest of the world. All public schools, universities and kindergartens are closed. All non critical public sector employees are sent home. All restaurants, bars, pubs, hairdressers, dentists and so on are closed. Gatherings of more than 10 people are banned.

Photographically I keep on doing what I always do. I photograph the normal everyday. Now in the shadows of a pandemic effecting almost everyone everywhere in the world. I call this the Corona Diary for obvious reasons. And I really hope it’s gonna be a very short diary. Also for obvious reasons.

This is a bad dream coming true. My girls are concerned, I believe everyone is, but I assure them we will be okay. And I’m convinced we will be. I think of the ones I love and realize there are many. And I feel lucky and privileged. And I miss them all very much right now.

We need to stay calm and take care of each other. Be responsible, don’t panic, we’re not alone, we’re together. Separately.

And I’m trying to stay sane. Quite a challenge in these crazy times. Also trying to stay far away from the news and the social media, the f…… social media, but with very little success. FOMO.

Listening to music and trying to read a lot. I usually do. Unfortunately I lost my backpack containing my Murakami book (I absolutely loved that book) together with my wallet, house keys, car keys, and other items, on a night out going rouge ending with me getting woken up by a guard at the railway station in bright daylight the next day.

That was during pre lockdown times. Now I struggle with psychosomatic covid-19 symptoms while watching the parliament speed passing new legislation undermining our constitution. No worries, it’s only temporary they ensure us. Can’t believe how fast and easy that went off almost without any, or at least very few, critical journalists questioning it.

Watching the borders being closed and guarded by military personnel. Though the health authorities claim this has nothing to do with virus fighting or containing. And WHO likewise who furthermore claim the whole lockdown tactic is all wrong.

Mentally and practically preparing for entering even higher restriction levels. National emergency. Curfew. Quarantine. Either being paranoid or strikingly clear thinking. I prefer calling it realistic pessimistic, as someone very special to me wisely said.

My thoughts are with everyone I know, everyone I love, everyone in the same situation. And everyone who lost the fight against the virus and the ones they left back.

And my thoughts are with those who’s living with circumstances like these, and far worse, as their normal every day. Poverty, war, climate crisis. It’s quite a shock being a part of the most fortunate and privileged population in the world realizing we’re not invulnerable.

What this will do to us in the aftermath I cannot predict. I hope it’ll do something good. Though I have my doubts.